The Hub was formed in 2023 by Chris, Melissa, and Quentin Meredith along with the Johnson family Jodi, Madi, Tyler, Cassie, Sami and Belle and Angie Potts. It is the second iteration and was formerly known as the Iroquois County Youth Center. With Chris’ background IT it was only fitting with the new name The Hub. Since all network connections start at the hub the symbolism represents the connections we make with family and friends. The hub’s slogan “where connections are made” truly represent what we are trying to do at the hub. The change for the youth center to community center is a representation of the direction we want to go in having an all-inclusive place for young and old to make connections.


Our mission to enhance the lives of families, adults and youth thru community engagement.


Our vision is to empower our community to become connected and self.


Our values are collaboration, creativity, community engagement and unity of purpose.